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As teachers, we all know that engaged learners will learn and retain more information. We also know the various benefits physical activity can provide, not only for general health and wellbeing, but also academic performance. That’s why at Energetic Education, we have spent hours creating fun, high energy games, lesson ideas and activities. Not only will these games provide a great workout, they will also challenge the mind across a broad spectrum of curriculum areas.

Double session of Mathematics on a cold and rainy Friday afternoon? Why not break up the session with a 5-10 minute game of “Dice cricket” or “Add and subtract fitness” for the students to use some energy, whilst working on their numerical skills.

Struggling to get the students moving on a Monday morning in Science? Perfect time for a game of “Element fitness” to spark the students into action and learn the periodic table at the same time.

Physical Education teacher working inside in a tiny gym, sharing with other classes, or simply teaching the students to create fitness workouts? We have over 500 interactive games that can be used in confined spaces to meet fitness outcomes!

Students that are switched on and engaged are going to improve results, be happier and more attentive in the classroom and most likely more content across their whole school experience. Let us introduce you to the 500+ interactive, high energy games that we have created and have proved to be successful across all age groups, from prep/grade 1 to year 12 students and even adults in personal training sessions.

Who We Are

Dale Sidebottom

Dale is a fully qualified Health and Physical Education teacher with 4 years’ experience in the Cricket Australia sports development program. In this role, he teaches the ‘Talented Player Program’ with a large focus on player development and high level coaching. Dale loves to incorporate fun, fitness based activities into his Numeracy and Literacy sessions. He is also the creator of ‘Break Appz’, a collection of 30 apps designed to engage students with fitness and mind games within the classroom setting and outdoors.

Dale is the founder and director of ‘Bottoms Up fitness’, which has quickly developed into a personal training business across city and regional areas throughout Victoria. ‘Bottoms Up fitness’ aims to focus on gameplay in fitness sessions, with the aim of engaging clients while they achieve their training goals.

Across all areas, Dale aims to incorporate gameplay and team challenges into his sessions to create motivation for his clients. This has generated great success with his students and clients in achieving their fitness and sporting goals.

Cameron Anderson

Cameron is a fully qualified Physical Education and Science teacher (honours), with eleven years’ experience in teaching and coaching.

Cameron taught in the Victorian Education department for 4 years, before taking on a role with the Cricket Australia sports development program, where he has been for 7 years. He also ran an ‘Active after school’ coaching business (2008 – 2011) in conjunction with the Australian sports commission with 7 qualified coaches, delivering fun, game based activities to primary school aged children to engage them in sport.

He is the junior coordinator of a cricket club, coaching and training under 12’s and 14’s, with a focus on skill and game sense development. He also runs league and community T20 Blast programs for Cricket Victoria in Melbourne’s east.

Cameron believes that people will learn and be more likely to reach their goals if they enjoy what they are doing. This is the reason why he has developed a passion for creating interactive and fun games to motivate students and fitness/sport participants.

Resources and material

Check out just some of our resources and material below: (Please have title or tab like the members zone categories for each below please Lynard. Use each attached logo please).

Reviews and feedback

“Dale has run a number of online webinars and featured in three guest podcasts for me in 2016. He is also presenting two masterclass sessions this year (2016) in Dubai, for the first ever ‘Connected PE’ conference. Dale is leading the way in engaging students through fitness, games and activities. His high energy and passion for teaching is evident in the workshops he runs. I would highly recommend Dale and everything he is doing.”

– Jarrod Robinson

The PE Geek

“Energetic Education has run two very engaging workshops for our staff. The first was on some of Dale’s apps and other apps that teachers can use in the classroom. The second time Dale came he spoke about using fitness and brain breaks to engage students. Both times he has presented, the staff and myself have gained so much. Thank you Dale for the two fantastic sessions you have run.”

– Chris Aktins

Carlton North Primary School Teacher

“As a teacher of primary aged students I was looking for new and innovative ways of teaching and engaging students in their learning. I trialled Dale’s apps and resources in the classroom and they have been fantastic. The games and activities are ideal, as they are linked to educational outcomes, differentiated to cater for all student abilities and allow for learning in hands on and fun ways. It is always satisfying as a teacher to look around the classroom and see students fully immersed in their learning; they are excited to participate in these activities and the movement integrated into each has resulted in far greater learning outcomes for all students. I would highly recommend these resources.”

– Sarah Simmons

Primary school teacher

Contact us to arrange a workshop

If you have any questions/feedback, or alternatively have interest in us running a workshop at your school, region or coaching/personal training centre, please contact Dale:

We are confident that we can help you to spark your students’ interests and enthusiasm and save you hours in preparation time. What are you waiting for? Contact Dale to see how we can help you today!

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