We are so excited to finally introduce our best set of Daily Mission Cards yet. Perfect for bringing a bit of fun and moment into your lives in 2020. 

We’ve developed our Daily Mission Cards to inspire children and adults to move. Combining play, games, and fitness, the cards are designed to create a unique, fun, and engaging way to get everyone active and moving. Game-based fitness helps foster better relationships, promotes teamwork and helps build human connection.

Our Daily Mission Cards provide participants with the opportunity to escape for an hour and bring back the magic of play into their lives. Promoting growth and learning, all while improving overall health and fitness.   

Why? Because if it isn’t FUN, it isn’t worth doing.

The benefits of making fitness fun

Have More Fun
Remember what it’s like to play a game? It’s the most significant source of fun and laughter. It’ll take you right back to your childhood, letting you be a kid again.

Improve Engagement

Whether it’s a quick 10 minute game at the start of a session or a series of exercises grouped to keep participants engaged for a full 45 minutes, games are the perfect way to keep people switched on.

Build Better Relationships

Relationships are a central part of life. Be it in a professional setting or with the children in your classroom. Learning to work together and to communicate effectively through the power of play will enable participants to build better relationships—a skill that will benefit both you and the participant now, and into the future.

Get Better Results

When you can create a fun, and engaging environment, clients and students consistently turn up excited, they work harder and you get better results.

Reduce Stress

Playing games is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety in both kids and adults. What’s better, the games are already prepared for you, meaning zero stress for you. Pretty sure they call that a win-win. ?

Sometimes adults don’t share our passion for fitness, and students don’t share our love for learning, so we’ve combined the two. Bringing fitness and education together, we’ve created games that are the perfect mix of learning and play. The best part is they’re FUN.
It’s essential to strike the right balance between working hard, breaking a sweat and having fun. When you get it right, your clients and students will forget they’re doing 20 squats or burpees. They’ll be more worried about getting to the next exercise, rolling doubles or finishing the race. People love moving and exercising when they’re playing a game or feel a part of a team. Incorporating our games into your warm-up or fitness sessions will enable you to strike a balance between what they want and what they need. By introducing fitness games, you’ll inspire your participants and motivate them to show up week in week out, enabling them to achieve their goals.
“The games are seriously awesome resources. I have found them really adaptable for any age, with the main focus on making fitness fun and personal”.
Jace Ferguson – High school teacher in Dubai
“Using Fitness Games Zone’s resources has been an absolute hit in both my personal training sessions and my classroom. My clients and students have loved the innovative games that turn fitness and training into fun. They come in excited to see what new fitness game will be rolled out every session. It has provided great variety in both areas.”
Fiona Scally – Physical Education teacher Netball Victoria sports development program at SEDA and Personal trainer FSPT
Check the cards out HERE. We ship worldwide 🙂