The beat of the music and the bongo drums of the rhythm can elevate an individual’s mood and make them feel more alive. Music-based workouts are perfect for people who need something to move their bodies without dragging themselves along. It helps individuals enjoy exercise more as they dance away to their favourite tunes, feeling energized and in control of their workout routine. 

Incorporating music is especially beneficial for those who have difficulty finding motivation when exercising or find it hard to stick with a plan as the beats keep them going until the end. Not only that, but musical-based workouts also allow one to express themselves creatively as they dance around in tune with the melody. 

They can enjoy moving freely without restrictions, allowing them to be immersed in each moment as they focus on feeling good about themselves inside and out.

As Fitness Games Zone members, you have over 40 specially designed musical workouts ready. Below are three of the most popular from our workshops and members’ feedback. We can guarantee these three to four-minute activities will be a hit with everyone.


The Police – Roxanne

Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

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