We understand that attending live workshops and professional development courses is by far the best way to learn and share ideas, but this isn’t always possible. With the constant pressure of time and growing workloads, we understand that this is not always achievable to attend in person. This being said, in 2019 we want to continue providing the highest quality presenters for FREE through live webinars.

The best thing about webinars is that you can watch them at the gym, in the classroom or bed, as well as having access to the reply if you are unable to attend. Below is a list of our upcoming presenters and the times of the live webinars. To register simply click on the link and sign up. One of our goals this year at Energetic Education is to provide the best possible teachers, coaches and humans to help everyone grow and improve in all areas of their lives. Check out the list below.

Maximising Learner Centred Coaching with Coach Craig Gunn

Craig is an educator and researcher who cares primarily about the holistic development of unique learners. Through his years of coaching, Craig has enjoyed a varied career thus far and is still searching for new ways of teaching and learning. Craig has a masters of education(sports coaching) and is currently researching coach development and the use of small professional learning communities to support and analyse practice in using nonlinear pedagogy.

Craig is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic coaches and educators I have come across, and I am so excited to share him with you all in this brand new webinar where he will share tips and tricks to maximise learning centred coaching. Click on this link to secure your place with Coach Gunny on Friday the 29th of March at 10:00 am AEST.

Sign up HERE for Coach Gunny’s webinar.

Parent coach athlete relationships with Non-perfect Dad Richard Shorter

Here is what you can expect from Richard Shorter and a little bit of his glowing background. Two decades of supporting and encouraging families has taught me that I am not a perfect dad! – Richard Shorter.

Having three lively and energetic children has taught me I’m not a perfect dad! However, I do have a background steeped in delivering high quality and successful support to organisations and parents enabling them to work effectively together for the best outcomes of the children. I am not perfect as a parent, but I am pretty good at taking the opportunities which sport offers to build character which leads to success on and off the sports field. This is the gift I offer other parents and their children.

Below are some of the things I have been involved with and my qualifications.

Delivered parent engagement strategy support, sports parents meetings and coaches CPD on working with parents for:

Three National Governing Bodies (England Rugby U18 Boys & Girls, England Hockey U16 & U18 Boys and Girls and England Cricket Board)
A number of the UK’s top professional sports teams in their academy system. (Including Saracens, Essex County Cricket, Newcastle Falcons & Somerset County Cricket.)
The countries top independent schools, (Including Millfield and Millfield Prep & Trinity Croydon.)

Richard is someone I have followed for a long time now, and his podcast episode number 95 on my podcast has been one of the most downloaded episodes to date. Click here to secure your place with Richard on Friday the 29th of March at 5:00 pm AEST.

Click HERE to secure your place with Richard Shorter.