How curriculum can be aligned to achieve health outcomes, and so much more! With Kat Cacavas from Created Connections

Food. Everybody eats it, but when do we actually learn how best to fuel our bodies? The research says that teaching nutrition principles in schools has the power to promote and build life-long habits. However, this becomes tricky to achieve in our consistently “crowded” curriculum! If you have ever wondered how to…

  • Support positive health behaviour change for your students
  • Create meaningful, organic and fun curriculum links
  • Work with other organisations to empower wider community change

… then this is the Webinar for you!

You’re invited to attend this Webinar hosted by Kat Cacavas from Created Connections and Dale Sidebottom. We will give you actionable ideas to start implementing right away. Join us for FREE on Monday the 6th of May at 10 am AEST. Click HERE to register and secure one of the 100 free seats.

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