“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Finding time for ourselves and prioritising our well-being is often challenging. So, this week, we have some exciting news to share that can transform your physical health, mood, and energy levels.

Introducing your personalised exercise journey! A well-designed exercise routine can be a game-changer for a healthier, happier you. We’re not talking about monotonous workouts or gruelling gym sessions. We’re talking about a fun, personalised exercise plan tailored just for you, with the power to supercharge your physical fitness and boost your mood and energy levels.

Fun physical activity has been proven to have numerous benefits beyond just physical fitness. It can help reduce stress levels, improve mental well-being, enhance cognitive function, and provide an overall sense of well-being. This new program recognises the importance of incorporating enjoyable activities into daily routines to promote long-term adherence.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, there’s a path for you. Let’s share an approach that isn’t about following a one-size-fits-all plan but crafting an exercise routine that suits your preferences, interests, and fitness goals!


Building Connected Relationships: At Home, School, and the Workplace with Andy McNeilly

Are you tired of the constant distractions and evolving challenges that seem to drown out the essence of your connected relationships? Join us on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. +08 for an enlightening one-hour FREE webinar to transform how you approach relationships in every aspect of your life.

This webinar will allow you to:

  • Discover the art of crafting stronger bonds with your children.
  • Learn how connected relationships can transform education.
  • Uncover strategies to cultivate a culture of connection and collaboration in your organisation.

Andy McNeilly, an educator, speaker, coach, and parent with two decades of experience, will be your guide. This course is perfect for parents, educators, organisational leaders, and anyone passionate about fostering genuine, deeply rooted relationships in every facet of life.

Andy’s extensive experience and commitment to building connected relationships make this course a must-attend event. Prepare to transform your approach to relationships. Book your spot today!


Chasing Dreams and Backing Yourself: Eddie Perfect & Kristen Gibson’s Inspiring Stories

Your dreams aren’t confined to your thoughts; they’re tightly woven with your physical well-being. As we’ll discover throughout this episode, maintaining a healthy body is the launchpad for creativity, ambition, and resilience.

Eddie Perfect and Kristen Gibson are exceptional artists and shining examples of how optimal physical health fuels the pursuit of dreams. Whether it’s conquering the stage, the screen, or creating captivating stories, they proved how being in peak physical condition is a secret weapon.

Let this podcast remind you that your dreams, no matter how big or small, are intricately tied to your physical self’s strength, vitality, and endurance. Explore the artistic journeys of our guests and understand why a healthy body is a canvas upon which dreams are painted. Catch this episode here on iTunes!


Daily Mission Card

Embrace the joy of health and togetherness with group dance sessions with this Creative Play and Movement Mission Card! Let you and your family or friends join in the rhythm of your favourite music, where fun and fitness intertwine for a vibrant, healthier you.

Groove, sweat, and connect on a whole new level, fostering bonds and unforgettable memories. It’s an opportunity to create harmonious relationships towards improved well-being, one dance move at a time!

So, step onto the dance floor, share the laughter, and experience the thrill of moving your body to the beat, all while making lasting strides toward a happier, healthier life. Dance to a brighter future with Creative Play and Movement Mission Cards. Get yours today!


Virtual Fun Fitness with Dale Sidebottom – Session One

Get ready to sweat, laugh, and blast— welcome to the first of our 50 virtual fun game-based boot camp sessions, and we’re kicking things off with a bang!

We all know that exercising can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In this session, we will guide you through a 35-minute fitness extravaganza, using game-based workouts that will keep you on your toes and leave you craving more.

The key to our remote sessions is simple: make them FUN! With our creative approach to fitness, you’ll be surprised at how quickly those 35 minutes fly by. So, put on your workout gear, clear some space, and prepare for an unforgettable fitness adventure. Join us for Virtual Fun Fitness with Dale Sidebottom – Session One!


Citadines, Bourke Street

I was delighted to present a lively 1.5-hour keynote at Citadines on Bourke Street. The 60+ attendees from Mildura were a vibrant bunch!

The keynote I delivered seamlessly combined the elements of fun learning and movement, which the heart of our FunShop is. Throughout the session, we engaged in interactive activities, promoting active participation and a dynamic exchange of ideas. Laughter filled the room as we delved into engaging discussions, and it was evident that the audience was learning and having a great time doing so!

Want to organise the same fun learning experience for your students, staff or sporting group? Book the FunShop.

We hope these ideas help you get started and stay motivated to pursue personal fitness and well-being! If you’d like to explore the complete list of 50 virtual fun game-based boot camp sessions, click the button below and search for it in the games section.



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