Have you ever been around someone that is an amazing storyteller? They hold the listeners interest and can build an instant connection with the audience. Through their use of words, they can bring meaning and provoke emotion. Our storytelling master, Gavin McCormack, is our latest guest on our Energetic Education podcast. Gavin shares his tips and tricks to mastering the art of storytelling. Click HERE to listen to our podcast with Gavin.

We have also just released ten new games to our Fitness Games Zone. These are all live on our website, so our members can now access them. Below are the games and the categories that have been added:

  1. Rubix cube fitness – Team games category FREE (Click here to view this in the free games section)
  2. Rubix cube boxing – Boxing category
  3. Jeopardy TV Show Fitness – Team games
  4. Pacman challenge – Dice games
  5. Decimal dice challenge – Dice games
  6. Roller Coaster Adventure – Story based adventure
  7. Reaction time warm up – Warm up category
  8. Dice destroyer icebreaker – Icebreaker category
  9. Speed Demon warm up – Warm up category
  10. Navigation fitness – Warm up category

Members and none members can click HERE to login and sign up to access the games.

Exciting news coming out later this week, we will have new musical workouts for you on our YouTube channel as well as a brand-new app in the next two weeks.

Lastly, this year we are running our first ever health and wellness retreat in Bali. This is something that we have wanted to do for a couple of years now and it’s all coming together for June 2018! We have just three places remaining, so if you would love the chance to get away to recharge the batteries, please check out our website www.fhlretreats.com to find out more, or simply hit reply and send me an email.

It’s exciting times ahead! I hope you all have a great week.