We are thrilled to announce a brand new full school virtual PD option for the end of the 2020 year. If you are looking for an upbeat, fun, and incredibly engaging virtual event this is a must for your staff.

Title – “Staying on top of your game.”

“You Must Be Well To Teach Well: How managing everyday pressure while focusing on living a happy, healthy life.”
This virtual session explores the benefits of play through active games, teamwork and laughter through an inclusive environment. Energetic Educations unique session involves teacher participation, critical discussion and a mix of fun games. All resources and games that are played in the session will be given to staff for their own personal and movement application in the virtual one-hour session.

Outcomes of this session include:

  1. Movement – Making movement exciting and enjoyable.
  2. Gratitude – Using games to teach students the importance of practising gratitude and other essential virtues.
  3. Play – Reminding everyone of the benefits of play through having fun while supporting learning.
  4. Laughter – Laughing and working in a collaborative environment to build rapport amongst the students and a joy for movement for all.
  5. Giving – Teaching the value of giving and the social/emotional benefits that come from this in the school environment.
  6. Attendees are experts at delivering material, explanations and instruction, developing success in their students. But are they taking time to nurture themselves? Teachers will experience the benefits of the five outcomes mentioned above to keep them on top of their game so they can both be well and teach well. Not only will teachers move, play and have fun, they will also learn valuable skills for enhancing social-emotional learning and physical balance for themselves and their students.

Contact Dale directly at dale@energetic.education to lock in a day and time.