Have you been caught in a cycle draining your energy and affecting your outlook on life? Are you experiencing fear and shame that truly makes it hard to embrace joy? And then there was that scarcity mindset. You are constantly fixating on what you didn’t have.

Perhaps the harshest critic you faced was yourself. You are your own worst enemy. This self-imposed pressure caused you to fall into a spiral. On top of all this, your physical health was suffering. Neglecting your body’s needs had become a norm.

These are the warning signs that you’ve become a low-vibrational person.

I’ve been there. I used to let these negative emotions consume me. It held me back from experiencing life to the fullest.

The good news is it’s not all doom and gloom.

Through a series of steps I set as small daily tasks, I noticed a shift in the world around me. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but every step I took was a victory. My newfound optimism was a magnet, attracting good-hearted people and incredible opportunities into my life.

If you resonate with the signs, read on to break free and become a high-vibrational person through small, intentional steps.

Your journey begins with acknowledging your emotions without judgment. It’s important to understand that fear and shame aren’t enemies but signals that you need to address something within yourself. This simple act of acceptance will lighten your emotional load.

We created this 30-day adult challenge, so you are set with small, doable daily tasks directed to fulfil “The Best Ways to Be a High-Vibrational Person”, which are namely:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Moving Your Body
  3. Smiles and Kindness
  4. Mindful Moments
  5. Nature Connection
  6. Healthy Body
  7. Decluttering Your Space
  8. Positive People
  9. Creative Play and;
  10. Soulful Rest

Do the tasks 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, and watch as the universe greets you with the same energy you’re putting out— a world full of good people and wonderful opportunities.

Join the challenge HERE.

Need more inspiration? Next is Kevo Aregbe’s success story, from being a gangster to an inmate to an entrepreneur.


#305: Kevo Aregbe | From Gangs to Inmate to Entrepreneurship

In what ways did you use your time to educate yourself and improve your situation? You can accomplish anything if you put in the work. Kevo Aregbe did this in jail.

“Jail is tough. But the reason why jail is tough is because there’s no preparation for it. You’re literally in an apex environment. And what I mean by apex is like a doggy dog. It’s an alliance. Then only the strong survive…”

Listen to Kevo Aregbe’s story HERE.

More of these inspiring bits were shared at the iconic St Kilda Football Club with the fantastic crew of Westall Secondary College last week. We dove deep into staff well-being, embracing mental and physical health in the most fun, dynamic way.

I’m beyond thankful to have sprinkled my passion for serious play across a room filled with such radiant energy. Cheers to the magic we created together, Westall SC!

If your school, workplace or sports club is looking for an enjoyable workshop for the whole team, book The Active Funshop. For more information, please email us at team@jugar.life.


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