Children can be challenging. But with the right strategies, teachers can cultivate a positive, supportive environment that inspires good behaviour and discourages negative actions. Positive reinforcement is an effective approach to help children learn to behave in acceptable ways. 

Positive reinforcement focuses on rewarding desired behaviour. It promotes an environment of encouragement than one of judgment or punishment. By rewarding children with praise, rewards or privileges when they do something positive, they will be more likely to repeat those behaviours in the future.

This technique decreases disruptive behaviours in the classroom by teaching children to become more responsible individuals, which leads to improved academic performance and better relationships between teachers and students. Additionally, when rewarded, kids feel good about themselves and build self-confidence – both essential for healthy development.

There are many forms of positive reinforcement teachers can implement in their homeroom. For example, offer children rewards for completing chores, doing their homework on time, or exhibiting good behaviour in the classroom with their classmates through…

  • Verbal recognition, like saying, “Well done!”, “Excellent!” or “Keep up the good work!” The thing with uplifting words is they will forever be in their hearts.
  • Non-verbal cues such as clapping, giving a high five or even a sweet hug. Your little ones will love this.
  • Small tokens of appreciation such as stickers or pencils. There isn’t a kid that doesn’t love gifts!
  • Incentives, giving students extra free time or game time, will also do the trick.

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