Over the weekend I was out and about driving around Melbourne, Australia where I am based. It’s hard not to notice the urban growth in our rapidly expanding cities. Farmland on the urban fringe is slowly disappearing, making way for housing and commercial development. Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to development. I grew up in country Victoria, and I loved the open spaces, helping my Pop feed the animals on his farm. Yes, I was having a reflective, nostalgic moment., which leads me to an old favourite of mine.

Old MacDonald had a farm…..E-I E-I –O! I am sure you all have great memories of singing along to this much-loved nursery rhyme. This week we are introducing a new fitness version, instead of the classic farmyard sounds, you will be singing and moving with Old MacDonald’s Fitness Farm.

Stay tuned over the next couple of months as we will be releasing a new story based fitness adventure or meditation story. You can incorporate these fitness/meditation adventures into your daily routine at home, in the classroom or outdoor PT sessions.

Take a minute to view our story meditation- Balloon. We have purposefully created a colourful meditation video, so participants have the option of meditating through vision or with their eyes closed.

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Please send us an email at dale@energetic.education  we would love to hear your reviews, video or images of Old Macdonald Fitness Farm or Balloon meditation participation.