A new children’s story movement is here! Story-Movement blends stories and physical activity in a fun and educational way to engage children. This innovative approach combines literature, physical activity, and creative movements to create an immersive learning experience. 

Story-Movement aims to create something special for young learners. The traditional storytime format of sitting still wasn’t constantly engaging enough for children, so an alternative method that incorporated movement into the storytelling process was developed. With Story-Movement, kids can actively participate in the stories they hear, using their bodies to act out characters and scenes. 

Each Story-Movement session includes a short story with simple instructions that help children move along with the narrative. The stories are designed to be interactive; as the story progresses, kids can use their imagination to create different movements based on what’s happening in the tale. With props and sound effects, these stories can transport children to other worlds and stimulate their senses.

In Fitness Games Zone, children can explore their creativity while developing essential motor skills with our story-based adventures and meditation collection.

Start now! Incorporate movement into storytelling with these games.

Globe Trotter

The Amazing Bank Robbery

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