Growing up, I was firmly convinced that nurture was the sole factor in shaping us into the adults we are today. After all, our environment, upbringing, and experiences play an important role in our development.

If we’re a product of our surroundings, then nature is only a background note in our lives. We were a blank canvas until we learned and adapted through life experiences. John Watson, the founder of behaviourism, even went as far as to say that you can adopt a baby and shape him to be anything by simply moulding his values, beliefs, and interests according to your desire. However, researchers disproved this.

They dug deeper into understanding human development and were confronted with a question: What if nature and nurture are not enemies battling for dominance but collaborators in shaping our unique identities?

Remember when we were raised with our siblings in the same household, but we turned out completely different from them? It’s as if we started with the same ingredients but ended up with distinct recipes. That’s the magic of the nature-nurture collaboration. Our genes may lay the foundation, but our experiences, interactions, and choices build upon them.

Nature provides us with the raw materials; our genetic makeup, predispositions, and potential talents. But nurture transforms these raw materials into something remarkable— you and me.

Embrace your complexities and uniqueness, so it can lead you to a profound revelation of self-awareness.

Keep reading as we give you content and resources that will help you better understand yourself. Let’s dive right in!


#304: Avi Wolfson | Embracing Acceptance and Becoming Your Own Champion

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. We’ve done things we’re not proud of in the past, even though we’ve overcome those dark times. How have you dealt with regrets in your life?

These are what we discussed in this week’s episode of Energetic Radio:

  1. “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy.” — Avi Wolfson.
  2. If you’re a parent, the best advice is to take an interest in what your kids are interested in. They will remember that, and it will be important to them.
  3. If you wish you had started sooner, it is better late than never. You will still learn new things every day.


Daily Mission Card

Self-awareness also means being conscious of jumping into your thoughts when you’re eager to share your opinions selfishly. That’s where the power of listening comes in.

Acknowledging someone’s opinions doesn’t mean you compromise your own, but rather a two-way street where emotions flow freely, creating bridges for greater understanding.

The surprising part? Like any skill, active listening takes practice.

This week, we challenge you, your students, and your loved ones to do this fun way of exercising truly listening and allowing others to share their stories. As you get better, notice how you’re becoming calmer, more patient, and emotionally attuned to consuming different perspectives.

For more like this, get your deck of 54 Daily Mission Cards.


Double, Halve or Sit – Numeracy Game

Ask anyone you know if they’ve never made a bad decision. I bet ALL of them can’t claim that. So the next time you find yourself at a crossroads of decisions, remember that intuition is your silent partner.

Intuition isn’t a mystical force. It’s the culmination of your life’s experiences offering valuable insights. When you listen to it, you realise the depth of your knowledge and allow it to guide your choices.

It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a room and instantly sense the atmosphere even before anyone speaks.

Combine data with intuition, and you blend the concrete with the abstract, the tangible with the elusive. Data understands and evaluates, but intuition tugs at your sleeve, urging you to consider something beyond the numbers and connecting dots others might overlook.

Hone your intuition and create better decisions in life. This is an enjoyable way to sharpen it for adults and children alike.

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