For many kids, physical education can be a stressful time of the school day. With unathletic kids often feeling left out and even bullied in more traditional PE classes, schools have been hard at work to develop innovative ways to make the activity accessible and enjoyable for all children. 

The one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. Educators should not assume that all children are created equal. Some kids are word smart. Some have a numerical aptitude or knack for singing, while there are good at social interaction or have excellent motor skills. Educators should learn to balance each children’s differences and promote their individuality, not pressure them to conform to the conventional standards of society.

With a fresh take on physical education, schools are introducing activities like yoga, dance classes, rock climbing, and even interactive video games that cater to those who don’t fit the mould of the typical athlete. This inclusive approach not only allows these students to join in on the fun but also promotes mental health by keeping them from feeling isolated or humiliated.

In Fitness Games Zone, your digital library of over 600 kickass games, we help educators be more creative at assembling awesome activities for PE classes even unathletic students will love.

Want to join us? These two games are perfect, to begin with. They’re beginner-friendly and require less of the body and more of the mind to get working.

Numeracy Warm-Up Battle

Seven Bounces

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