My story is not dissimilar to many. It took me hitting rock bottom to realise that what I thought was a pursuit of happiness was actually contributing to a lack of life satisfaction.

I was always on the chase. Never happy with being satisfied with living in the moment. My eye was constantly on the next big achievement. And I can now say that I was selfish, arrogant, a narcissist and quite frankly a fraud.
My eye was off the ball and before I knew it – I had sunk into a depression that was triggered by my divorce.

It took this crisis to identify the importance of living in the moment and being present and grateful. But how to achieve this?
 As a former teacher, I reflected on the happiness children seem to experience through play. This insight alone paved the way for my own happiness and was the genesis of Jugar Life – which in essence means to play. 

Encouraging adults to live the Jugar Life with me – and adopt it into their daily routine to ultimately experience greater moments of happiness – is now my mission in life.

Join us over the next 30 days as we set small daily tasks to help you improve your overall happiness. We challenge you to subscribe and take control of every area of your life. 

Jugar Life identifies the direct correlation between creative, spontaneous play and happiness.

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Thank you everyone, have a wonderful Monday.