Do you ask yourself on a daily basis how can I make my time more efficient and increase my productivity?

When people are efficient they are happier.

Every week I would spend approximately 10 hours on class  preparation. This was crazy, I knew I had to look at implementing strategies to reduce this preparation time.

An idea came to me when I was flicking through Netflix. We all know Netflix provides choices, information is compiled into one easy accessible platform. All you need to do is open the Netflix app, providing you with an endless library of possibilities without leaving your house. Before Netflix I would have to get in my car, purchase a video at the video shop, drive home and watch the video.  This process then made sense to me, we need to create a Netflix online system for fitness games and workouts.

So you guessed right!! After 6 months of planning, creating, videoing we are super proud to introduce The Fitness Games Zone.

Fitness Game Zone provides a database with over 500 printable PDF games, instructional videos, fitness games and workouts.

Random workout generator- plans your fitness sessions.

Over 30 eBooks

We have also created professional development courses with certificates of completion.

All this is available to you, the system we have created will save teachers and trainers hours upon hours each week.

What are you waiting for, the Fitness Game Zone is ready to be tested. Simply click on this link to view the 20 FREE games, so you can trial before you buy.

Click HERE to check out the Fitness Games Zone