Making fitness fun is the key to gaining physical and mental benefits and building relationships. Movement is medicine, and having fun while exercising is an excellent way for any group to become healthier together.

Fitness doesn’t have to be tedious. Using various activities that get people out of their comfort zone can impact physical and mental well-being. Incorporating elements of competition and collaboration can also help build positive relationships in any group setting.

Fun-based fitness has been proven to increase motivation, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase endorphins, and strengthen core muscles. It’s also been linked to improved concentration, memory recall, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility, reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes, improved sleep quality, and even increased creativity!

This week on the Fitness Games Zone, we would like to introduce you to two games that will pack a punch while making fitness fun.

Plank Air Hockey
Dice Car Racing

Both games are suited for participants of all ages and, most importantly, will put a smile on everyone’s face while playing.

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