Energetic Education https://energetic.education Podcast Mon, 13 Jan 2020 00:04:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Australian bushfire relief fundraiser https://energetic.education/australian-bushfire-relief-fundraiser/ https://energetic.education/australian-bushfire-relief-fundraiser/#respond Mon, 13 Jan 2020 00:04:49 +0000 https://energetic.education/?p=502194 An appeal from Dale Sidebottom and Kyle Wood:

Currently, Australia is experiencing some of it’s worst bush fires in history.

Thousands of people have been uprooted and evacuated from their homes. Lives have been lost, uncountable homes have been lost, not to mention over 1 billion wild animals, pets and livestock that have been affected.

Firefighters from all around Australia and even the USA are being flown in to help local firefighters who are beyond exhausted from weeks of firefighting. Most of these firefighters are volunteers, away from their jobs and families to help others.

For an idea of how big these fires are, they spread across all states and the smoke plumes are visible from space.

Click HERE to read the full fundraiser and the huge bargains both Dale and Kyle are giving away to raise as much money as possible to help!!!

P.S. This is also the link – https://bootcampideas.com/australian-bushfire-relief-fundraiser/

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#170: Dale Sidebottom | Pulling up stumps for 2019 https://energetic.education/170-dale-sidebottom-pulling-up-stumps-for-2019/ https://energetic.education/170-dale-sidebottom-pulling-up-stumps-for-2019/#respond Sun, 15 Dec 2019 23:13:54 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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What an incredible year 2019 has been, and it’s going to become even more magical on Saturday when I get to marry my fantastic partner Bree.

Today’s podcast, I reflect on the year that was and, share some extraordinarily open and honest feelings around myself. I am very proud of everything I have achieved this year, but I am also aware that when you keep pushing the limits something has to give, and the last two months for me have not been great. I will share this and much more today.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has been a guest on the show, listened and provided us with some fantastic feedback. I love you all and can’t wait for an epic 2020 together. But for now, I am hanging the microphone up as I need a break. Thanks for listening, cheers Dale.

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How to dramatically increase your influence…. https://energetic.education/how-to-dramatically-increase-your-influence/ https://energetic.education/how-to-dramatically-increase-your-influence/#respond Wed, 04 Dec 2019 21:37:49 +0000 https://energetic.education/?p=502186 The big question is, how can you dramatically increase your influence?

This might be the influence you have on yourself, friends, family, people you work with or people that you don’t even release your influencing.

This is a question that I continually want to learn more about, and I feel this relates to so many others. Two people that are leading the way on this topic are Rocky Biasi and Luke Collins. Both Rocky and Luke are giving up their time, knowledge and expertise to run two free fantastic PD opportunities for our followers. You can check out both presentations below. All attendees will be given a certificate of attendance that goes toward your PD hours.

Connect and Influence without Burning Out! with Rocky Biasi

Building connection through knowledge, purpose and values with Luke Collins

Limited spaces are available in both webinars. Participants who sign up with have 48hr access to the reply to watch in their own time. Everyone that signs up and views the courses will receive their certificate of completion for professional development records.

Click HERE to sign up for Rocky Biasi’s PD
Click HERE to sign up for Luke Collins PD

P.S. If you would like to check out ten of our best movement and fitness games for FREE today. Click HERE and grab them straight away.

P.S.S. We are also taking bookings for full school workshops in 2020. If this is something, your staff or students might be interested in hit reply to discuss this futter.

Regards Dale and the Team

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday is HERE!!! https://energetic.education/black-friday-cyber-monday-is-here/ https://energetic.education/black-friday-cyber-monday-is-here/#respond Thu, 28 Nov 2019 01:57:02 +0000 https://energetic.education/?p=502179 Black Friday and Cyber Monday on everything we have to offer, is LIVE for the next 48hrs. 

Who doesn’t love a good sale right?!

Well, lucky for you… 

We are having our first-ever full site Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale where you can get HUGE savings on our Daily Mission Cards, Jugar Life online happiness course and our Fitness Games Zones annual memberships. 

We have NEVER done a sale like this before, and I’m beyond excited to make my resources, content and courses even more accessible to you! 

Daily Mission Cards

20% off all three sets of cards for the next 48hrs. Check them out HERE. When you click through to purchase, use the code word ‘BLACKFRIDAY20’. (For school or workplace orders send us an email team@jugar.life and we can create a personalised invoice for you)

Fitness Games Zone

50% off annual memberships for new members only (only five of these are available before this sale finishes). We have just added a further 150 educational games to match the 650 plus fitness and movement games, 40 online courses and 30 eBooks. When you click through to purchase, use the code word ‘BLACKFRIDAY50’. Click HERE to view the site. Click HERE to test ten of the games for free.

Jugar Life 30 Day Happiness Challenge

75% off our 30-day happiness course. This course has had fantastic feedback from families, corporates and individuals. Click HERE to read more and see why this course is helping people bring more joy into their lives. When you click through to purchase, use the code word ‘BLACKFRIDAY75’.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime SALE.




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#169: Prof Alison James | Engaging Imaginations https://energetic.education/169-prof-alison-james-engaging-imaginations/ https://energetic.education/169-prof-alison-james-engaging-imaginations/#respond Sun, 24 Nov 2019 23:11:05 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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As a child, Lego consumed my life, and to be honest, whenever someone mentions the word Lego, it makes me smile as I had so many amazing memories playing with Lego while I was growing up. The reason I mentioned this is because today’s guest is a Lego Serious Play instructor and travels the globe helping individuals engage their imaginations through the power of play, Lego, and so much more.

Professor Alison James is one impressive human and has more energy than most, which I absolutely love. Alison is a Professor of Learning and Teaching, Director of Academic Quality and Development at the University of Winchester as well as a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker and an author of two fantastic books that we will mention in today’s show.

The big takeaways from this chat are around the four touchstones that Alison feels need to be involved in everyone’s work and life which are connection, involvement, enjoyment and inclusion.

To check out all of Alison’s work, talks and resources you can do so on the links below:
Website – https://engagingimagination.com/
Twitter @alisonrjames

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#168: Rob Angel | The Pictionary Creator https://energetic.education/168-rob-angel-the-pictionary-creator/ https://energetic.education/168-rob-angel-the-pictionary-creator/#respond Sun, 17 Nov 2019 20:18:49 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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Growing up in the Sidebottom household as a kid, one of the most played board games was Pictionary. Our family loved this game, and we had so many fun memories playing it together. This was all thanks to, today’s guest Ron Angel as he created this fantastic board games as a 26-year-old.

At 26 years-old today’s guest, Rob Angel was working evenings as a waiter, while spending days in his back yard with a paperback Webster’s Dictionary, a No. 2 pencil and a yellow legal pad, creating the phenomenally successful board game Pictionary.

Rob and his friends built the first 1000 games together in his tiny one-bedroom apartment. They did not have some how-to-manual to follow when it came to creating a board game. They just did what they loved. Rob and his mates followed their intuition. They worked hard at it day in and day out, keeping an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit of building Pictionary into the global powerhouse that was its destiny.

For the next 17 years, this relentless dedication resulted in distribution in 65 countries in 45 languages, with over 38 Million Pictionary games being enjoyed by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds around the world. Rob sold the brand to Mattel, Inc., in 2001 who now proudly carries on and continues the game’s legacy.

Today Rob shares this epic journey and so much more. If you would like to sign up for his upcoming book or follow him on Instagram, you can do so on the links below:

Website & upcoming book – http://pictionarycreator.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com › angelrobb

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Emotional agility & Influencing without burning out! https://energetic.education/emotional-agility-influencing-without-burning-out/ https://energetic.education/emotional-agility-influencing-without-burning-out/#respond Mon, 11 Nov 2019 22:09:46 +0000 https://energetic.education/?p=502083 When it comes to professional development, two of the biggest names in the mental health and wellbeing space are Gilda Scarfe and Rocky Biasi. Both are experts in their fields and are in high demand worldwide.

With this being said, I am beside myself with excitement as both Gilda and Rocky have locked in times in the next month to each run a FREE one hour online professional development course for you. The critical thing to remember is that each webinar only has 100 seats available. So don’t miss out, sign up now. You can read about both Gilda and Rocky below as well as the two outstanding sessions they will both be running.

Emotional agility – The key to building confidence with Gilda Scarfe

Gilda Scarfe is the CEO and Founder of Positive Action UK, a leading and innovative company using research to develop, implement and evaluate mental toughness, wellbeing and resilience programmes in schools. With a degree in Philology, Law and Positive Psychology and over 15 years facilitating in business performance and education contexts.

Click HERE or on the image below to read more and secure your seat in the webinar.

The Accidental Counsellor Model – Connect and Influence without Burning Out!

Rocky Biasi developed the Accidental Counsellor Training as a result of almost 20 years as a secondary high school teacher, school counsellor, currently in private practice. He travels across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to present his training to over 10,000 people. In this webinar, you will learn practical skills that will help you respond to the emotional distress you encounter in your role.

Click HERE or on the image below to read more and secure your seat in the webinar.

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#167: Dan Cottrell | Creating a magical culture https://energetic.education/167-dan-cottrell-creating-a-magical-culture/ https://energetic.education/167-dan-cottrell-creating-a-magical-culture/#respond Mon, 11 Nov 2019 00:08:49 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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Creating a magical culture is the key to all aspects of life. Today’s guest Dan Cottrell is a master of this, through his teaching, coaching and business. This week’s podcast will provide everyone with a truckload of knowledge and ideas to improve whatever purpose or passion they have in their life.

Dan has over ten seasons as head coach and editor of Rugby Coach Weekly where he has provided thousands of subscribers worldwide with drills, insight and advice covering all aspects of coaching.

A former player for Bath and Bristol, Dan is a level 3 coach, level 2 referee and course tutor. He has coached international rugby with Wales Women, representative rugby with Ospreys U25, U18s and U16s and is currently a coach with Swansea Schoolboys U15. He also coached his son’s team from U6s through U16s.

Dan’s a regular contributor with ConnectedCoaches and a former director of rugby at Cranleigh School. Dan’s goal is to help all coaches be the best they can be. Great coaches make great players.


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#166: Gary Nowak | Business advice from the master https://energetic.education/166-gary-nowak-business-advice-from-the-master/ https://energetic.education/166-gary-nowak-business-advice-from-the-master/#respond Mon, 04 Nov 2019 22:39:09 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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Gary Nowak is an international businessman who I have had the pleasure of not only learning from but also had Gary as a mentor for the past year. As you will hear in today’s episode, we had the pleasure of hiking the Inca trail together in Peru over new years just gone. During this trip, Gary and I formed a close bond which has continued since returning to Melbourne.

Gary is a partner at KPMG in Melbourne and has worked all over the world which he will share with us today. During his impressive career, he has formed fantastic principals and concepts that he is now helping others grow and develop with. Gary has been an outstanding mentor to me, and it would have been unfair for me not to share his wisdom with you all.

In today’s podcast, Gary will share what he feels are ways individuals can thrive in the workplace whatever their chosen career or goals might be.

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#165: Ash Manuel & Dale Sidebottom | Simple ideas, tips & activities to improve your mental health & wellbeing https://energetic.education/165-ash-manuel-dale-sidebottom-simple-ideas-tips-activities-to-improve-your-mental-health-wellbeing/ https://energetic.education/165-ash-manuel-dale-sidebottom-simple-ideas-tips-activities-to-improve-your-mental-health-wellbeing/#respond Wed, 30 Oct 2019 20:03:02 +0000 .togglebar .tablist li:first-child { display: none !important; } a.button.button-toggle.pwp-download { display: none; }

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This week Dale is joined by his good friend Ash Manuel from Growing with Gratitude to discuss six simple ideas, tips & activities to improve your mental health & wellbeing. The ideas that will be discussed can be used at home, in the workplace or in a schooling environment.

As well as the ideas in today’s podcast, Dale and Ash are excited to announce that they are teaming up for two ‘Youth Wellness & Positive Education Conferences in 2020. Event details are below for the Melbourne & Adelaide events. If you would like to discuss the possibility of Dale and Ash running a conference like this for your staff, workplace, or in your city, please send Dale an email below.

Adelaide – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/73362265511

Email Dale – dale@energetic.education

The ‘one, two three’ game Dale mentioned as a video – https://vimeo.com/298298718
Check out the Jugar Life App for FREE mentioned by Dale – https://www.jugar.life/

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