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Everyone loves the beach, the waves, the sand and the sun all in one place. It really is a magical place to be. If you are lucky enough to live near or be able to visit a great beach in your holidays, then you will be able to relate to todays meditation.

In Australia we are extremely lucky, with some of the most amazing beaches in the world. As a kid, our family would regularly visit the beach for our summer holidays. This is where my mother Karyn Sidebottom came up with the idea to create a meditation about the magic beach. She would read me this mediation at night when I was struggling to sleep, as I loved the beach and everything that came with it.

Today you can do exactly the same thing with your children. Simply play this short meditation, let them relax and go on a journey to the magical beach. Let them fully relax and focus on the most amazing beach in the world.

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