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With the power of gaming at an all-time high, it is time to use this to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching in the classroom or running a bootcamp I am going to show you today the art of game creation.

Games like Fortnite have taken over the world, with more than 45 million users internationally playing. Some up to 14 – 16 hours a day. I want to explore the addiction behind this and other games. Discuss the benefits and setbacks, as well as giving you the tools and knowledge you need to become a games master creator.

I also share a coupon code that will give listeners a 20% discount to access our educational movement site www.fitnessgameszone.com

On this site, you will find over 500 plus games, courses and videos to help you get students moving and engaged. Not only that but we have a number of blank game templates that you can use to teach every subject topic through a game. I share this code three times throughout the podcast so hopefully, you can write this down.