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This week we have the absolute pleasure of having Jaya Jaya Myra on the podcast. Myra is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, media guest and natural lifestyle expert who teaches people how to cultivate excellent physical, mental and emotional health.

After healing herself naturally from debilitating fibromyalgia, Myra developed a blueprint for natural healing based on each person’s unique elemental composition. Her approach incorporates natural mind, body, and spirit practices, and shows why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for everyone.

Myra shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on sleep, energy, daily routines and much much more in today’s episode. If you would like to check out more about Myra, and also all the fantastic products and content she has created you can do so through her website – https://www.jayajayamyra.com/

Jaya Jaya Myra is also on twitter @jayajayamyra