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Storytelling encourages and enhances the listening skills of children, sparking their imagination and stimulating curiosity . I have been fascinated with storytelling since I could walk, I still remember my amazing mother Karyn, creating meditation stories to help me relax and go to sleep at night. Fast forward 25 years and I still love storytelling. In fact two of my most listened to podcasts are about people telling stories. This has had me thinking over the past month, wouldn’t it be great if  teachers from all over the world could share their amazing story. The subject could relate to funny moments in the classroom or teachers holiday experiences, or their life experiences etc.

In today’s podcast you will hear a story from myself, one from Dylan Cuttriss, Brenda Carberry-Tang and Gavin McCormack. I have titled this podcast- Part 1,  I am sure everyone will be wanting to hear more yarns and tales in future podcasts.

If you would like to share your own story, please email me at dale@energetic.education and we can have you as a feature teacher in Part 2 of ‘yarns and tales from teachers’.