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Episode 4 of the Energetic Education podcast is going to take you on an adventure around the world. Not only is this a very fun activity, but it’s also extremely educational as you will learn about different countries around the globe.

This is our second story based fitness adventure. This is also the longest and most challenging one we have created, as it goes for just under 20 minutes. This is a fantastic full body workout.

If you would like to view this story being completed as a workout, then check out our YouTube channel where we demonstrate the entire 20-minute story.

WARNING – This is a hard workout, very fun but also challenging. It’s a great effort if you can finish this without stopping.

If you would like the script or any other of our amazing fitness resources, you can click here to view them at our member’s site at ‘Bottoms Up Fitness’.

If you have any feedback please feel free to fire us an email. We hope you enjoy this new exciting story based fitness adventure.

Globe Trotter Cover

Download this podcast’s PDF script