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This is one episode that teachers can not miss. I have been lucky enough to catch up with the happiest teacher in the world, Naomi Hartl. Not only is Naomi full of energy and enthusiasm, but she is also a tech wiz. Naomi lists her top seven tech gadgets, programs and apps for teachers. Not only are most of these resources free, but they are truly amazing and you must give them a go. After listening to this episode I have a number of new tech ideas that I need to try myself. Naomi is well ahead of the game with everything she does, and this episode is full of her knowledge and passion. Below are the links for everything mentioned in this episode. If you would like to make contact with Naomi, or simple follow her on twitter @misshartl. Thanks so much for todays episode Naomi, you are truely a Tech Teaching Super Hero.

1. Plickers

2. Classroom teammates

3. Beats per minute app (Tempo SlowMo)

iTunes or Google Play 

4. Airserver


6. Live video delay is only available in the US app store. BAM video delay is another option, but it is not free.

7. QR Codes (Free app I-nigma)

iTunes or Google Play