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In today’s episode I am really lucky to catch Nathan for a half hour chat before he starts his day teaching in Singapore. Nathan is someone that I have followed and had regular communication with on twitter for the past four years. We finally met in person in Dubai this year at the ‘Connected PE conference’. It was great to finally meet Nathan, and I wanted to share his journey with you.

The main area that I get asked a lot about and Nathan has done this for years, is teaching in international schools around the globe. Nathan talks about his journey starting from growing up in Tasmania in Australia, where his life was all about sport, as his mother and father lived and breathed it. He then talks about his journey from Tasmania to the UK, from the UK to Cambodia, Cambodia to Italy, and then Italy to where he currently teaches in Singapore.

If you are interested in teaching in international schools, then I would highly recommend listening to this episode. We also spoke about the amazing work he is doing on his blog and personal website ‘iPhys-Ed.com’ and the workshops/initiatives he has coming up.

If you do not follow Nathan on twitter I would change that right now, his twitter handle is @PENathan. Reach out to him and say how much you loved his interview. The other things that will be discussed are ways to engage students using go noodle, how effective ‘walk and talk’ can be with students and much much more.

You can check out Nathan’s upcoming workshops HERE.

I really hope you enjoy this episode as Nathan Horne is a gun and someone that is changing the way we think about teaching and learning. Have a great day everyone.