Take control of your morning, your day AND your life

The word Jugar comes from the Spanish language where it means to play. Jugar combined with a healthy and happy life is something that we all strive for daily. Play can add joy to your life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you with others and the world around you.

Jugar is a daily routine app, providing simple but effective strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”, Aristotle. Jugar will give you the tools and formula to take control of every aspect of your life. It will teach you how to bring happiness to your daily grind.

Our inner thoughts are critical; they can control the start and end of our day. Your morning will start with three questions. By answering the three simple Jugar questions, you will have a clear path and objectives for the day. Focusing on small wins and achievable goals for the day, you are creating a pattern of success. These daily questions will challenge your usual pattern of thinking and will focus on encouraging mindfulness and embracing gratitude. The regular practice of Jugar’s four key pillars; gratitude, play, giving and exercise is the key to becoming your best possible self.

Your bedtime ritual is a time for reflection on daily achievements and goals, acknowledging who you are. As per your morning routine, you will end the day with three more questions which will assist you to end with a positive thought. We have included simple breathing activities which revoke a relaxation response and assist with processing stressful emotions. We can’t always eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to deal with it in a healthier way.

The app is quite simple to use, download for free, hold the play button on the opening screen to swipe left and answer your AM questions. In the evenings before you go to bed repeat this process and swipe right to access your evening reflection questions.

The Jugar app has been designed by the team at Energetic Education. Our goal is to teach techniques and encourage participants to enjoy their life to the fullest.  Hence the tagline for this brand new app, ‘Bring the Happiness’, as that’s precisely what this app is designed to achieve.  Complete the ten-day challenge to experience the shift in your mindset, energy levels and your overall happiness.

Click HERE to download the IOS app for free.