This is game changing, yes that’s right we are giving this concept and game away. Why do you ask? The reason is simple; this game is having outstanding results with
Take control of your morning, your day AND your life The word Jugar comes from the Spanish language where it means to play. Jugar combined with a healthy and happy
Paper, scissors, rock or rock, paper, scissors. Whichever way you say it there are no boundaries to the possibilities that this old classic can have in your classes daily.  Some
This is the ultimate boot camp for new teachers who want to get their students moving. Fantastic new games and activities to engage their students. I have found over the
Over the weekend I was out and about driving around Melbourne, Australia where I am based. It’s hard not to notice the urban growth in our rapidly expanding cities. Farmland
Movement is life. It heals and restores the body. Sometimes the word ‘exercise’ triggers stress, defeat, or a flight response.  The simple fact is that exercise like a lot of
When you think of the word giving, do you instantly think of birthdays and Christmas gifts? The true art of giving is to give with the heart without expectation of
Laughter is the “jest medicine”. Groan if you must, but readers who chuckled gave their health a boost. Belly laughs cause the body to release endorphins, which act like opiates
It’s funny how travelling the world can make you extremely grateful for what you actually have. Experiencing different cultures broadens your outlook on life in general, it also changed the
Child-led play reflects real life, teaches everything from social skills to numeracy, dexterity to emotional and physical balance. Climbing, running, twirling; in this movement a healthy sense of freedom and

We teach play opportunities with educational benefits to provide teachers with the tools and skills to enable lifelong movers and learners.