Is it me or has it felt like 2019 has hardly started, and we are just about to hit October??? Crazy isn’t it, how time fly’s when you’re having fun.
If you are looking for a fun way to improve your overall happiness and spread positivity to those around you, then this deck of 54 cards is what you need.
Eight months ago we released our FREE app Jugar Life and wanted to keep creating content on ways to make people live happier and healthier lives. Hence the launch of
How curriculum can be aligned to achieve health outcomes, and so much more! With Kat Cacavas from Created Connections Food. Everybody eats it, but when do we actually learn how
My story is not dissimilar to many. It took me hitting rock bottom to realise that what I thought was a pursuit of happiness was actually contributing to a lack
Have you been wanting to teach positive education but have not known how? Have you started, but looking for further ideas? Would your class benefit from creating a culture of
Improving Mental Health & Wellbeing Through Movement, Fun, and Play! Welcome back to 2019 everyone, I hope that you are well rested and ready to attack the year head-on. I
It didn’t matter if you loved Diddy Kong, Kranky Kong or Donkey Kong. Growing up collecting bananas and trying to complete as many levels as I could on the retro
Happy Monday everyone, I know it has been a little while since we last communicated. However, the wait has defiantly been worth it. Today is a special day, and it’s
Whenever people hear music it makes them want to dance and also puts a smile on their face. This is a true fact, as music is a universal language. Over

We teach play opportunities with educational benefits to provide teachers with the tools and skills to enable lifelong movers and learners.