Happy Monday everyone, I know it has been a little while since we last communicated. However, the wait has defiantly been worth it. Today is a special day, and it’s going to be a special week.

With Black Friday approaching this week we thought it would be only fair to create a crazy deal that will blow your socks off. Yes, that’s right we are offering everything we have ever produced in games, activities, courses, eBooks and videos. The deal is only available for the first 30 people though.

We have had to cut this as this deal is going to go fast and it’s a bargain. Before reading anymore be sure to watch this video as I explain what you get as a Member, and how good the site is. If you love Netflix and Stan, then you are going to fall in love with the Fitness Games Zone.

As we have created the Fitness Games Zone, in similar easy to use one stop shop for all teachers and trainers.

Back to the Black Friday deal. This gives you access to everything we have ever created. Yes, that’s right EVERYTHING. For this week or until the 30 licences are purchased, you will receive 60% off!!!

The code to use when checking out is ‘BLACKFRIDAY’, and you can use this for department access which is crazy value, lifetime access or our single license. Join the hundreds of teachers and trainers who are saving hours of time, with our fantastic movement, fitness and learning games.

As well as our online courses so that you don’t have to leave your house to rack up your professional development hours.

Click HERE to view the Fitness Games Zone site.
Click HERE to jump straight to the checkout and secure one of the 30 licenses at 60% off!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at dale@energetic.education

P.S. This deal is crazy; you seriously can’t afford to miss this tremendous Black Friday bargain.

P.S.S. We also have another FREE webinar this week, so be sure to sign up and join me or watch at a later date. I will discuss 23 of the best bodyweight challenges that I use with students and clients to get them moving, having fun and motivated to love fitness. They are perfect as you can complete them anywhere. Click HERE to join.

P.S.S.S. Finally, if you have missed out podcast lately we are now on Spotify, you can click here and listen to some of the outstanding guests we have had on the show. Click HERE to listen to our 100 plus episodes.