If I could look back on the last few months and compare it to a lolly from an Allen’s Party Mix (classic, not retro), it would have to be the black cat. For people reading along at home that love black cats, I am very sorry, but for me, they are the worst. I dislike them so much I leave them in the packet when I throw it away. To be honest COVID-19, in general, feels a bit like a black cat, if only we could throw COVID-19 away with the packet as well. Jokes aside, what I am trying to say is times are tough, we are all missing people, places, and freedom. While it feels like it is not fair, getting down about it is not going to change the fact that I’m not too fond of black cats and in Victoria, we still have three weeks of house arrest to endure.

Now, I am never one for a lot of negative talk, and I am not going to start now. What I want to do is to show you how playing games and having fun, when done right, can turn your black cat into a red snake (the holy grail of the Allen’s party mix).

During the past two look downs, I have conducted over 100 virtual webinars: from sessions with children, school groups, families, and sporting clubs to large multinational corporations. The focus of all these sessions has been on fun. Yes, that is it. The number one thing I tell people is that to improve their mood and their outlook, they must allow themselves to have fun. But how do I have fun you ask? Well, the answer is simple: You play one of the fun play-based games we have created. Our games allow you to get lost in the beauty of mindfulness. Just like the red snakes in an Allen’s Party Mix, five or ten minutes of play-based mindfulness a day can change your mindset dramatically. Below we have highlighted all the benefits of play for you, we have also provided three play-based games that you can play virtually, in person or against the video. Go on, give them a go – in five to ten minutes you can turn your black cat into a red snake, it is as simple as that. Check it out below.

The importance of play should never be underestimated, not only is it critical to child development, but it also provides adults with an outlet to release stress and tension.

Play fosters creativity and imagination and provides freedom from organised and structured activities. It is here that new ideas emerge and new connections are made between those who throw themselves into an environment without hierarchy or judgement. A chance for adults to “take off their armour”.

Often regarded as an unaffordable ‘luxury’ in a world where free time is continually squeezed with constrained education curriculum and increased work commitments. Online distractions also have damaged spontaneous play and play in the physical presence of others. As the author, Shelly Turkle commented: “we expect more from technology and less from each other”.

Play is at the forefront of influencing interventions to improve health and well-being. Just remember we are never ‘just playing’.• Play is where our subconscious naturally guides us.

  • Play is the state where we are truly ourselves once we let go of our egos and fear of looking stupid.
  • Play immerses us in the moment, where we effortlessly slip into flow.
  • Play allows us to imagine, to create, to bond with and understand each other.
  • Play is what creates our most influential social circles.
  • Play gets you around other humans, face-to-face, and allows you to form a real connection with them.
  • And most importantly, play utterly destroys anxiety.

Here are three games I think you will love and will allow you to feel some of these benefits listed above. Please give them a go and let me know your thoughts.


If you would like more games like this, you can see everything thing we have ever created HERE.

If you love the play concept, we have designed some play-based Daily Mission Cards that Im sure you will enjoy HERE.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and as the title says. Work less and play more will keep the black cats away!!!

Cheers Dale