We all know how important physical education is for children, but what happens when a child has a disability that makes it harder to participate? Fortunately, there are ways to modify activities so that all kids can take part, make the most out of play and leisure, and reap the same rewards.

Adapted physical education (APE) is designed to promote children’s physical development, health, and well-being. This type of physical education incorporates modified activities, adapted equipment, and individualised instruction to ensure all children reach their full potential. By learning proper techniques for activities like running, throwing, kicking, swimming and more, kids can stay physically active in an inclusive environment.

The best way to modify activities for kids with disabilities is to start by understanding their individual needs. Talk to their parents or caregivers about any special accommodations that may be necessary. Depending on the situation, those adjustments could include providing sensory-friendly spaces, offering alternative seating options or providing additional assistance with tasks. It’s also important to remember that modifications don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, something as simple as giving more time or rest breaks will help a child feel included and comfortable.

In Fitness Games Zone, a range of activities can be easily modified, from decreasing the number of repetitions or reducing the distance run to more complex ones like adding assistive devices. We also provided a video instruction educators, and kids can watch together.

Start now! Turn disability into ability with these games, perfect for verbal cues and kids who need encouragement.

Walk, Stop, Name, Clap, Jump, Dance

Ducks & Cows

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