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Welcome back to another exciting episode of Energetic Radio! In this episode, we are joined by the incredible Nita Sweeney, a passionate runner, writer, and advocate for mental health. Nita shares her inspiring journey of finding motivation and developing a strong connection with her running group. She has completed two ultras, three full, and 36 half marathons since 2010.

Nita dives into the importance of posture during running and how it can affect our overall performance. She also opens up about her writing journey, from co-creating a book called “You should be writing” to her most recent release, “Make Every Move a Meditation.”

We delve into Nita’s experiences with depression, the power of active mindfulness, and the positive changes she has made in her life. Don’t miss this captivating and uplifting conversation as we explore the transformative power of movement, mindfulness, and writing with the incredible Nita Sweeney. Let’s jump right in!