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Al Lyman is passionate about his goal to learn how to create good health and vitality. At 25, he made a conscious decision to “die healthy.”

During the episode, Al opens up about how he started a running program in his twenties to get in shape despite not being athletic as a child. Al’s motivation stemmed from his desire to be healthier. The passing of his father from cancer at a young age and his mother’s current health struggles have influenced how he views himself and his dreams.

One of the key takeaways from Al’s story is the importance of starting small. He emphasises that setting big targets often leads to failure, whereas beginning with tiny, almost imperceptible changes can build momentum and consistency. He suggests repeatedly focusing on doing a task until it becomes automatic rather than relying solely on lofty New Year’s resolutions.

Throughout the episode, Al’s message resonates with his mission to promote well-being and personal growth. Tune in to this episode that will inspire you to tap into your deeper purpose and motivation!