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In this week’s episode, we have the incredible Bobbi Kahler to discuss the transformative power of falling in love with practice.

Bobbi emphasises the importance of finding joy in practising a skill, sharing her experience shooting free throws and practising from the 3-point line. She believes that if we don’t truly love the process of practice, we will never find true happiness.

One of the thought-provoking topics discussed in this episode is the message Bobbi gives to the parents of the kids they coach. They advise parents not to buffer failure and allow their kids to have a bad game without making excuses. This encourages resilience and growth in young athletes.

Bobbi also touches on the subjects of fear, beliefs, and their role in shaping our capabilities and actions. She shares her observations from coaching over 3,000 people and how many individuals want to change but need help knowing how to do it. With this, she provides valuable insights and strategies to overcome this temporary obstacle.

Tune in to Episode 313 with Bobbi Kahler on Energetic Radio!