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On this episode of Energetic Radio, certified life coach Tracy Pleschourt shares her journey from a successful 20-year career in the advertising industry to becoming a life coach driven by the desire to do something more meaningful.

Throughout the episode, Tracy shares her experiences, including her decision to leave her secure job and start her own coaching business, Self Made You. She highlights the importance of making decisions based on your interests and creating a sustainable pathway forward. Tracy also dives into the holistic approach to health, addressing mental, physical, emotional, and metabolic aspects. She emphasises the interconnectedness of these components and shares her insights on maintaining good mental and metabolic health.

In addition to her coaching business, Tracy collaborates with coaches specialising in different areas, such as parenting neurodivergent children or addressing specific health concerns. She believes in the power of education and helping individuals develop their thinking skills. Tracy encourages listeners to manage their minds, overcome fear-based thoughts, and find satisfaction in each moment of life.

Tune in on this engaging episode and discover how to take control of your life, prioritise your well-being, and find fulfilment in each moment.

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