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Join us in celebrating over 300 episodes of Energetic Radio – an incredible journey made possible by our amazing community! If you haven’t yet, we invite you to subscribe to The Overly Excited Podcast for more content filled with inspiration and insights every week. Dale and Jack are excited to share this new podcast with you.

In this episode, I engage in a profound conversation with Jack Watts – an advocate for altruism and self-care. Jack delves into the core of his life philosophy, emphasising the significance of lending a hand and nurturing oneself. Jack openly shares his unique journey, from his undying affection for musical theatre to overcoming life’s hurdles and finding joy in difficult times.

Reflecting on his time as a budding athlete, Jack discusses the tribulations of being part of a team that prioritises young talent during a particularly demanding phase of his life. Listen to gain valuable perspectives on personal growth, self-care, and the extraordinary journey Jack has embarked upon thus far. Explore the peaks and troughs and everything in between. Strap in, team – we’re going on an exciting journey. Let’s Go!