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On this episode of Energetic Radio, we dive into the fascinating world of storytelling and its impact on our lives. Our guest, Richard Rosser, is a passionate advocate for storytelling and has dedicated his career to teaching and inspiring others to embrace this craft. Richard’s enthusiasm for storytelling goes beyond its technical aspects; he sees it as a powerful tool that allows people to view the world through a different lens. He emphasises that storytelling can be incredibly valuable in various aspects of life, including job interviews and pitching projects.

Richard also introduces us to a new technology that he finds cool and powerful: ChatGPT. Many people are apprehensive about this technology due to their lack of understanding. To ease this anxiety, Richard has written a book called “ChatGPT Simplified” to demystify AI for non-tech beginners. Even though he is not a tech expert, his background in the TV business and his storyteller’s perspective have driven his fascination with AI and its potential impact on storytelling.

Join us on this episode for a captivating exploration of storytelling and its boundless potential in our lives.