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Professor Alison James is one impressive human with more energy than most, which I absolutely love. Alison is not only a good friend and someone I look up to, but she also contributed to my book, All Work No Play.

Alison was a Professor of Learning and Teaching, Director of Academic Quality and Development at the University of Winchester as well as a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker and author of a number of books that we will mention in today’s show.

The big takeaways from this chat are around the four touchstones that Alison feels need to be involved in everyone’s work and life, which are connection, involvement, enjoyment and inclusion. As well as how play can help adults learn.

To check out all of Alison’s work, talks and resources, you can do so at the links below:
Website – https://engagingimagination.com/
Twitter @alisonrjames

To download a copy of Alison’s new book for free, click on this link – https://engagingimagination.com/the-value-of-play-in-he-a-study-free-book/