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This week I am thrilled to have Scott Harris on the show. Scott is a renowned keynote speaker, author and resilience expert that you will love hearing from today. In 2008, Scott was involved in a motorbike accident that caused lasting injuries, including a Traumatic Brain Injury.

This was due to a severe Closed Head Injury, which resulted in extensive facial fractures, requiring facial reconstruction. To reconstruct his face, 11 titanium plates were bolted to his skull. The Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was so severe that he sustained extremely severe Frontal Lobe Damage and shearing of the brain. This has left Scott with paralysis on the right side of his body from shoulder to toes, causing major instability issues. He also has a Brachial Plexus injury to his right arm involving three severed nerves.

Join us as we dive into his journey and story more today. You can reach out to Scott through his website – https://www.scottbharris.com.au/