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Tim Davis is the author of TRIPOLAR: The Story of a Bipolar Triathlete, which chronicles his journey from childhood trauma into multiple addictions until finally recovering and discovering triathlons and ultrarunning as important tools to help him stay sober and in recovery.  He is a high school science teacher and coach in Los Angeles, CA.  He’s happily married with 3 amazing children.  He has been competing and coaching in triathlons and endurance races for over two decades.  He has completed 12 Ironman triathlons, seven 100-mile endurances runs, 1 double-ironman triathlon, and several 24-hour races. He is a strong and proud advocate for mental health awareness & physical fitness, and the connection between the mind, body, & soul.

You can follow Tim on his website at www.ultratimdavis.com
 And on the following social media:
Instagram:  tripolar_tim
Facebook:  ultratimdavis1
Twitter:  ultratimdavis1
LinkedIn: tim-davis-94102534