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If you are looking for inspiration, you can’t go past today’s guest Layne Beachley AO. In episode 215, I talk to Layne about her incredible career, the highs and lows and the lessons she has learnt over the years in and out of the surf. The thing that I loved most about this podcast with Layne is how down to earth and relatable she is for people of all ages.

Layne has recently launched the “Awaken Academy’ which I absolutely love as well. The title really sums it up perfectly, the No Bullsh*t Transformation. The course is unlike any other online course. Why? Because you are learning from a 7-time world champion surfer who has failed brilliantly and continues to win at life. Here is your code word ‘Awake10’ that Layne has generously created so you can receive 10% off her brand new course. Check it out on the link below. Thanks so much for your time, energy and passion in this interview Layne.