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What does success look, sound or feel like? This is a question that Kyle Wood my good mate, and I have been chatting about for a while. Kyle is one of the smartest business owners I know and also is now a great friend of mine. In 2016 I reached out to Kyle through email with a crazy idea that we could meet up and create a podcast together. I had followed Kyle’s work online for years, and really admired what he had been able to create, and the impact it was having globally. Since that first email in 2016, we have formed a great bond and also a cracking podcast called ‘Lead Your Tribe’.

Just like this weekly podcast, Kyle and I release a weekly episode for anyone who wants to build a business, tribe or following. Last weeks episode was so powerful that I had to share it here today. The reason it was so powerful is that 2020 has allowed us to change goals, ideas and the vision for the future. With this, I feel this means what we class as being successful has changed as well. Join Kyle and myself as we dive into this huge topic on today’s podcast.

If you would like to check out our ‘Lead Your Tribe’ podcast you can do so here  – https://leadyourtribe.co/