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Welcome to episode #213 with Dr Andrew Leech. Andrew believes every child deserves comprehensive, quality healthcare starting at the local GP. Children’s health is evolving, and the role of the GP is more significant than ever, supporting families on their journey, walking with them, understanding their needs, finding the right pathway.

The complexity of children’s needs has expanded beyond the simple day to day problems. As we learn more about the effects of a child’s early development and influences, we have come to realise we can do so much to make a difference. We can intervene earlier; we can change the trajectory of that child’s entire life. Andrew considers himself a kids GP and feels his calling or purpose in life is focused in this direction.

Andrew works as an ‘everyday GP’, but his interests have become more focused on improving health and mental health outcomes for children and their caregivers. Following graduation from medical school at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Andrew has achieved the FRACGP and completed further studies with the child health diploma. Andrew continues to advise both the RACGP and now also Emerging Minds as part of their course development. Andrew is also the host of the very insightful ‘The Kids Healthy Network Podcast’.