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Another week, and yes that’s right, another world-class guest. I am so excited to share this incredibly insightful and engaging podcast with master communication coach Rik Rushton.

We all know that success means different things to different people. But no matter whether you’re looking for a new level of success as a business person, a parent or a partner in a relationship, the quality of your life will be directly linked to the quality of your relationships. And whilst it is easy to ‘connect’ with people who are just like you, there is so much power gained from connecting with people who are directly opposite to you!

Best-selling Author, Rik Rushton shares a simple communication framework to help you to connect with all personalities by simply “Tuning-in” to others before you broadcast, allowing you to connect on a deeper level. He is the Best Selling Author of “The Power of Connection” (How to become a master communicator in your workplace, your headspace and at your place). He is a Peak Performance Coach, Speaker on communication and a recognised authority on building growth cultures in elite business and sports organisations.

TEDx – https://youtu.be/VtYSFfgSfco