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This week I have the pleasure of connecting with Hadleigh Fischer, who is the founder of Resilience Agenda. Resilience Agenda is one of Australia’s fastest-growing mental health awareness brands. Founded in 2017, Resilience Agenda develops stylish gift items, practical online content and engaging seminars that make sharing the idea of good mental health more relevant, engaging and inspiring.

With a background in Human Resources, and drawing on a powerful personal story, Hadleigh’s vision is to Change the Meaning of Mental Health through the idea of Mental Fitness. Over 20,000 supporters across Australia have now jumped on board, and the movement continues to expand around the world. Hadleigh’s passion is to inspire everyone to think of their Mental Fitness just as like they do their Physical Fitness, and to make looking after their mental health more positive, pro-active and preventative.

You can hear Hadleigh on Resilience Agenda Radio on your favourite podcasting platform, discover Mental Fitness Insights at www.resilienceagenda.com or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or at letstalk@resilienceagenda.com