When it comes to teachers, the paperwork seems never to end. With their hands full of grading, planning, and preparing for classes day in and day out, it’s no surprise that they are feeling the strain of stress. That’s why many teachers are turning to meditation to reduce burnout and increase focus.

Research has shown that the best way to meditate is to practise regularly and find your unique style. It can be as simple as focusing on your breath or repeating a calming mantra like, “I am strong. I am capable.” or taking time each day to close your eyes and breathe deeply; it alleviates stress and helps you be in the present moment. Plus, it’s not just for adults—kids can also benefit from meditation with simple techniques like guided visualisation or mindful movements.

Finding the right type of meditation for you is key. However, it can be hard to know where to start with so many different types available. Luckily, plenty of online resources offer tips on different styles, such as yoga and guided practices.

In Jugar Life Play Portal, our collection of story-based meditations will energise teachers and students after each fun and relaxing session. To get started, hop on to a comfortable position, hit the play button, and listen to these beautiful adventure-based mindfulness.

Sparkling Water Meditation

Reaching for the Clouds Meditation

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