If you are looking for a fun way to improve your overall happiness and spread positivity to those around you, then this deck of 54 cards is what you need. We have designed these cards with the objective to help improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety using the power of kindness, empathy and gratitude.

The Daily Mission Cards have been specially designed for use with participants of all ages. These cards are perfect for the workplace, families, schools, sporting clubs and just about anywhere that is looking for a fun way to engage and improve the wellness of participants. The cards will help players of all ages build positive relationships through human connection and social interaction.

Our playing cards have been designed to ensure wear and tear is kept to a minimum. Inside the deck you will find forty black and white daily mission cards, six blue discussion and reflection cards for use once missions are completed, and three yellow cards that are designed to generate discussion in the morning, during the day and evening to reflect on things you are grateful for. The final five cards are red random act of kindness cards that you can use on strangers or people you know to brighten up their day and make it better.

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