Eight months ago we released our FREE app Jugar Life and wanted to keep creating content on ways to make people live happier and healthier lives. Hence the launch of our online 30-day happiness course today, it has been completed and is game-changing.

The course is designed to help individuals take control of their happiness through adding, play, movement, gratitude and kindness to each and every day. The idea was born from my own battles which you can watch below in the most open and honest video I have ever created.

The course is all about setting each morning up with our Jugar Life routine, a play based movement challenge that is different each day, and will help you find flow and calm in your day. Not only that it will also help you become present and in the moment through the fun play aspect of each game. The final step is the evening reflection which is a great way to reflect on each day.

For the next 48 hours, you can grab the course at a whopping 50% off. That’s for the next 48 hours only. The time is now to invest in your happiness, join us on this journey as you take control of all areas of your life, and not saying I’ll be happy when… I’ll be happy when….
Let’s be happy now and live the life you were meant to. You can read more about the course and what you will get on our website – https://www.jugar.life/

When you check out use the code ‘JUGARLIFE50’ to get the 30-day course at half price, or you can click on this LINK to secure this launch day sale.

If you have any questions, please email us at team@jugar.life 🙂

Cheers Dale Sidebottom and the team