Happy Friday everyone.

We hope you have had a wonderful start to the New Year. To celebrate the new schooling year in Australia and New Zealand we have created a new fitness board game. I know that we create loads of new games, but we are giving this one away for free today. Simply download the file below. If you love our Animal Kingdom board game, please hit reply and let us know.

We also have a number of workshops coming up, if you are located in any of these countries or states, you simply cannot afford to miss our full day workshops.









If we are not visiting your country or state and you would love to experience one of our workshops, please let us know. Our workshops have now visited over 10 countries with amazing feedback. Here is what some of our teachers have said:

“Loved it. Great content and highly applicable to primary and secondary student.” Jake Carey – Island Christian Academy Hong Kong

“Very fun, engaging and hands on. Dale was very enthusiastic and had lots of brilliant ideas and games suitable for all”. Tristan Mc – Bangkok Patana College

“Excellent PD especially relevant to our students who are fitness resistant. class energisers appropriate for our learning as attention spans are limited”. Gary Pennicott – Glenorchy Primary Tasmania

“Love the energy of the Dale, he did an awesome job”! Lauren Laurenson- AJHS New Zealand

P.S. New Zealand we are coming for you in term 2, So stay tuned.

Hit reply if you have any questions, have a great day.

Regards Dale

Click on the Animal Kingdom cover to download the full game for FREE!