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Talk about an all-star guest for episode 199. Today I am thrilled to share this brilliant interview with the fabulous Dr Jenny Brockis. Jenny is a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, specialising in brain health and mental performance. She works to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves by translating the findings of the neuroscience and positive psychology into simple, practical tools that enable people to work smarter, not harder.

Jenny has three decades of experience of working with people. She understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours is not always easy! An international speaker, trainer and author of now four books, Jenny is frequently sought after as a commentator in the media and has had many articles published in a variety of magazines and journals. Jenny is a world-renowned keynote speaker who is in very high demand. With the pandemic in full flight, today’s episode is one that will help people of all ages across the board.