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Last year I had the pleasure of sharing Stuart Wilkinson with you all. The feedback from episode 130 was incredible, and the great coach has agreed to come back on the show to share his knowledge, passion and wisdom with us once more.

Stuart is regarded as one of the best youth development coaches in the world. This isn’t just in the field of rugby league either. As you will hear today, in this outstanding interview, Stuart is a modern-day coaching superstar. The insight and wisdom that Stuart shares today on life, building relationships, engagement, coaching at the grassroots level and also professionally and much more are going to blow your mind.

After listening to Stuart today, please reach out on either Twitter or Linkedin and let him know how big of an impact this has had on you, as it is game-changing. Here is where you can find the great man on both platforms.
Twitter @Cronbach_Alpha9
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-wilkinson-914a552b/